John Keeble


The Appointment: The Tale of Adaline Carson 

The action of this novel takes place in the West, but it is not a "Western;" and  though its focus is the life of Adaline Carson, daughter of the famed frontiersman Kit Carson, it is also not a biography.  Set in the time of the California gold rush, it is a detailed and graphic elegy for America's wide open plains, rivers, and mountains, and the people who lived in and passed through them, both for good and ill.   It is a clear-eyed vision of how greed, love, frontier mastery and the doomed native tribes contended for control of this stupendous immensity, and how one young woman and her father were taken up in the resulting maelstrom that has become our story.   

                                                                                                                              Published in 2019 by Lynx House Press


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                                                                                          University of Washington Press


The Appointment arrives as an utterly unique addition to--and expansion of--

the literature of the American West.  John Keeble takes a virtually forgotten

character from history, the daughter of famed scout Kit Carson and a Northern

Arapaho woman, and imagines for her a stirring, vibrant life of independence

and self-determination.  

--Shawn Vestal, novelist and commentator, The Spokesman Review

The Appointment takes us on a vivid and compelling, precisely rendered journey

into Western history and lights up an underworld of interfamily responsibilities. 

--William Kittredge

Only in the hands of a novelist as compassionate and brilliant as John Keeble can

history moan, facts bellow, and stories vibrate with the eternal ambiguities of Human

nature--brutal and hauntingly beautiful.  The Appointment is more than a stirring story;

it's a call to account, itself an appointment finally to reckon with the boundless sins

and sorrows of the 'settling' of the American West.  Essential and unforgettable.  

--Kathleen Dean Moore, author of Piano Tide, a novel.  

The Appointment is a multi-layered novel about a strong young woman set against

the true story of Western Settlement, and about the endurance of family ties amidst

the cruel clashes of invaders from the East and the South, against those who, for

centuries, had called this land home. 

--Mindy Cameron, The Inlander Book Review.